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If Cancer Were Not Enough…

Hope is doing well. Jake, on the other hand, has a problem. Marathon runner that he is, we think Jake has a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). Well, the human equivalent anyway. On a dog, the ACL is called a … Continue reading

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Post-Grooming Disaster

The furkids went for grooming appointments yesterday. The wiener dogs don’t need haircuts, but I prefer for someone else to trim their toenails and getting a bath is a plus. I have had the same groomer for 16 years, and … Continue reading

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Cleaning Up the Fur

Dogs make messes. Dealing with the clean up doesn’t need to be complicated. Aside from waste management, hair can be a problem. Even shorthaired breeds, like Jake and Windy, will shed. My dogs are allowed on the furniture. A throw … Continue reading

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