A Breakthrough

Hope, relaxing at the dachshund meeting.

Twice yesterday Hope, my girl who spent five years in an Amish puppy mill, behaved almost like a normal dog.

I had been gone a few days. When I came in the front door, Jake and Windy went crazy. Hope watched. I sat on the floor to give the wieners some direct attention with hugs and pets. Hope approached but stopped about four feet from us. I held out my hand, palm up. She did not flee. She stood there and watched.

This is a breakthrough for her to approach like this. I know she was watching the attention Jake and Windy were receiving.

Later, I noticed one of my house slippers was missing. She had taken it to her bed in the living room. The shoe was soaking wet with slobber but still in one piece. Never have I been happy to see a dog getting one of my shoes, but this time I was pleased.



About daysofourdogs

I have owned dogs nearly all my life. Many different breeds, mutts, rescues, and foundlings have found their ways into my heart. I have two dachshunds and a miniature schnauzer now. I hate puppy mills and want them wiped from the face of the earth.
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