Time At Home Leaves Mischief For Wiener Dogs

Finally, a piddle pad I can live with. But I’m not so sure about Windy.

I was out with Hope, who is doing better, for more than six hours yesterday. But I knew Windy would not last that long.

OUT! Moisture Lock Training Pads are a staple now. They contain urine better than all the other brands I have tried. With a cute chocolate lab on the cover, the package announces they are “Proudly made in the USA”. I have found these pads at Kroger and Target, and that means one less trip to a pet store. The website is outpetcare.com. You can get a coupon and “Like” the company on Facebook.

The only problem with the pads was the evidence that a sneaky wiener dog got bored. One pad was shredded. I will spare you of a picture of that mess.

Hope and I were at the oncologist vet for five hours. Her blood work was fine. The vet wanted to use a drug in her chemotherapy mix that could have heart complications. Hope has a small heart murmur.  The concern with the Adriamycin is it could affect the heart’s ability to pump. So, we had an echocardiogram and an electrocardiogram. The cardiologist said she was fine for the drug.

As for me, a book, magazine, iPhone, Starbucks and McDonald’s helped me keep my sanity for more than five hours. If you want free Wi Fi, go to Starbucks; McDonald’s is incredibly annoying.

Hope, my smoldering Visa card and I left; we had an uneventful drive home with her eating treats and slurping water in the backseat.


About daysofourdogs

I have owned dogs nearly all my life. Many different breeds, mutts, rescues, and foundlings have found their ways into my heart. I have two dachshunds and a miniature schnauzer now. I hate puppy mills and want them wiped from the face of the earth.
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