Easter Weekend And We Stayed Out Of The Vet’s Office

No furkid emergencies or problems demanded our attention this weekend. We like boring, and we got it. Church and an Easter lunch was as exciting as it got.

Hope had chemotherapy number four and is doing well. She has lost a bit of fur, but it’s nothing she should be embarrassed about. The oncology vet said that is typical and does not give her any discomfort. Thursday will be the next chemo.

The video is from Easter 2009. Jake destroyed a sunshine and a round bunny.

Hope, and her siblings, enjoyed a walk on Easter.


About daysofourdogs

I have owned dogs nearly all my life. Many different breeds, mutts, rescues, and foundlings have found their ways into my heart. I have two dachshunds and a miniature schnauzer now. I hate puppy mills and want them wiped from the face of the earth.
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