She Keeps Fighting Cancer

Jake, Hope and Windy settle in for a good night's sleep.

The last chemotherapy is working. The oncologist said Hope’s breathing was good and she could not see a swollen tonsil or any other swollen area. Her lymph nodes are smaller.

This is good news, and the vet said this was the first time Hope seemed happy. She always is alert and bright-eyed. Her white count, though, is the lowest it ever has been. She is scheduled for chemo Tuesday. We will hope her white count cooperates.

As for taking the whole pack to the doctor: It went well. Jake charmed the folks in the waiting room, and once sufficient attention was paid to Windy, she became prissy and endearing.

Hope is still on two antibiotics to protect against infection, but she is lively and eating well. We continue to be hopeful, and please keep those prayers coming.



About daysofourdogs

I have owned dogs nearly all my life. Many different breeds, mutts, rescues, and foundlings have found their ways into my heart. I have two dachshunds and a miniature schnauzer now. I hate puppy mills and want them wiped from the face of the earth.
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