Diabetic Dogs Must Be Watched

Windy and Max like to work on their tans.

Max is having a busy day.

Having a diabetic dog means you must be vigilant. If a normal dog vomits or urinates more than usual for a day, typically you don’t have to worry. But if a diabetic dog does, it is a problem.

Not happy with being poked at the vet.

Yesterday I came home to a lake of pee. Thankfully, I have hardwood floors. I was gone only for five hours, and the piddle pads were history. I suspected Max had a urinary track infection.

At the veterinarian this morning his urine showed no problem. The vet took blood, and we are waiting for the result.

I needed to run to work, and Max is in my office. Of course he is getting attention and loves every minute of it. I think every day should be Take Your Dog to Work Day.


Max is ready to leave the vet’s office without paying.




Max gets plenty of attention at his mom’s office.

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Rainy Days, Dog Food Recall

Max, Jake and Windy prefer days like this.

A rainy day can be a challenge for housetraining, so I watch everyone go out and praise them lavishly when they take care of their business.

A soaking, overnight rain means the creek behind the house rushes loudly. When Jake, Windy and Max hear that, they think it is pouring and don’t want to go out. I persuade them otherwise. When it is raining, I know I won’t get them out.

Windy went down the ramp, took a couple steps and pooped. I told her she was wonderful then I went to do something else. I assumed she would pee. Silly me.

After breakfast I found a soaked piddle pad by the back door. I knew it was Windy’s because I saw Jake and Max pee. So the wet backyard was perfect to poop in but not pee in.

I apologize for neglecting the blog. I got consumed with work details and let writer’s block win. No major life problems, just priorities out of whack.

Also, please be aware of a dog food recall. Check here to see if you use any of these brands  http://bit.ly/KJW6Rj.

Windy demands perfect bathroom conditions.

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And the Most Popular Dog Is …

Windy would rather nap than win a popularity contest.

The American Kennel Club does not list dachshunds or miniature schnauzers in its top five most popular dogs from 2011. But the dachshunds did come in at number nine, slipping from number eight in 2010.

Is pink Jake's color?

The miniature schnauzer came in at number 12.

The number-one dog for the last decade is the Labrador retriever. I’ve never owned a lab, but my husband would like to have one some day. The German shepherd, beagle, golden retriever and yorkie round out the top five. You can get more information at http://www.akc.org/reg/dogreg_stats.cfm.

It seems like I see yorkies and labs everywhere, especially in my neighborhood. It is not unusual to see folks have a big dog and a little dog. My neighborhood has a huge dog population, and people are good not to let them roam free. But picking up after walking them…that is not so good.

Max takes a break from his toy.

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Dogs Need Regular Vet Care

Jake is less than thrilled to be on the table at the vet's office.

My crew went to the veterinarian the other day. Crazy as it seems, it is easier to take all three at once even though Max didn’t need anything.

Windy needed a Parvo booster, a Proheart injection (for heartworm) and an exam. Jake needed his Bordatella (needed for going to the groomer and if he needed boarded), his annual vaccine,  a Proheart injection, a geriatric exam and yearly blood work. Whew!

Windy tolerates attention from the vet and vet tech.

Max was glad to watch.

Yes, care gets expensive, but this preventative care keeps them healthy and heads off problems. We learned Jake has a low thyroid function, but not dangerously low. It is at the bottom of normal. We will watch for any signs of weight gain that may indicate he would need medication

Later that day everyone got a walk. We had some tired, quiet furkids that evening.

Jake, Windy and Max keep watch for evil cats and squirrels.

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Dogs Want Their Trash and Play Time

One of the reasons dog people love their furkids is because dogs are honest. They are so basic with their emotions you know where you stand with them.

Jake takes his job seriously as watchdog. Each Tuesday morning he is incensed when the trash and recycling are picked up. That is his turf. His stuff. And he wants to make sure we know he is angry.

Of course I want Jake to be on guard. He is judicious in his barking. He ignores birds, blowing leaves. But humans could be a threat, so he lets us know.

Max has been with us for two months. A few weeks ago we started “floor time” to help bonding with Max. My husband, Jake, Windy, Max and I get on the carpeted bedroom floor with some toys and play. We will sit or lie down with the furkids, and they love it.

A few nights ago I was grading papers, and my husband started floor time. I yelled I would be there as soon as I finished the paper I was working on. After a minute, Jake, Windy and Max marched into the living room as sat at my feet. Jake kept looking toward the bedroom. Windy started a barking nag.

I took the hint. Play is important. My dogs do know how to live.

Windy and Max enjoy the afternoon winter sun.

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Diabetes Can Be Managed in Dogs

Max never has behaved like he has a chronic illness.

Max is doing well. He gets seven units of Humulin N insulin every 12 hours.

This insulin, which humans also use, must be given after breakfast. At night he gets a few tidbits and then his shot. You must give insulin with food.

Max has learned shots are good. Treats come before and after. The shot is subcutaneous, thank goodness. I doubt I could find a vein. You pull up some skin, making like a little tent, and insert the fine needle. Most of the time he doesn’t react.

Should Max act drunk or lapse unconscious, we have been instructed to give him corn syrup and get him to the vet. This has not happened.

Yes, Max does need some testing, and I will be addressing that next.

Just remember, you can have a good life with a diabetic dog. Max is sweet, kind and loving. It would have been a crime to have put him down because his pancreas didn’t work properly.

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Dog Shows, Diabetes and Duties

Windy practices for world domination by overpowering a toy as large as she is.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Please forgive my silence. I have been sick and recovering from an injury, but I am about 90 percent now and will be back to blogging.

We watched the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show last night. We were pleased the wire-haired dachshund won the hound group. Westminster has not had many dachshund winners, so we will be cheering him on tonight.

Jake loves to nap in the winter sun.

However, when the terrier group is up we must root for the miniature schnauzer.

Max is doing well taking his insulin shots. He gets seven units morning and night. He knows he gets a treat before and after each shot, so he waits patiently. Alas, Jake and Windy also know about tidbits and must get theirs as well.

Caring for a diabetic dog is not as complicated as you might think. This week I will devote more toward how we handle Max.

Now, if you haven’t bought your furkids anything for Valentine’s Day, you still have time.

Max is a sweet boy and a perfect addition to the pack.

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Dr. Dog Celebrates Birthday

Jake is not ready for his pre-bedtime nap.


Jake is 14 today.

Yes, he is an old man but often doesn’t act like it. He enjoys toys, treats and laps. He must bark at squirrels and other dogs. He takes security seriously and checks the backyard perimeter and keeps watch out the bay window.

Jake enjoys scratching his back after destroying a toy.

Other times, though, you can tell he is old. He wants to go to bed early, and he doesn’t want to play rough with Max.

I have a bad cold now and am recovering from an injury. Jake is at my side. My little dachshund doctor will lick my arm or hand and snuggle to make me feel better.

So, happy birthday to my little man. You will get a steak for dinner.


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Three Dogs Mean Three Personalities

Max learns a comfy bed is a quiet place.

Max is fitting in well. He is eager to please, exuberant, loving and needy.

Jake is calm, independent, astute and loving.

Jake is a bit greedy when it comes to toys.

Windy is assertive, egocentric, manipulative and loving.

Somehow all this is working so far.

People learn about dogs needing a pack leader. Jake fulfills that role, and Windy makes sure Max knows he is number three. However, no dog bullies the other.

Max shows off his new haircut.

People could learn a great deal from this.

Windy trains for the Olympic Sleeping Team.

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Routine Becomes Normal For Our Dogs

Max is fitting in. Slowly learning Jake is number 1 and Windy is number 2, he is finding his place by not being aggressive.

Windy enjoys watching for squirrels on her window spot.

Managing his diabetes has not been difficult. The insulin shots are given subcutaneously. Thank goodness I don’t have to find a vein. He gets a treat before and after the shot.

Jake and Windy have gotten wise to the shots and comes when Max comes for his. Of course, they want treats too.

At the rate the treats are going, I hope I don’t have to put my wiener dogs on skateboards for their walks when spring arrives.

Jake shows his authority by hoarding toys.

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