New Dog For A New Year

Max is a sweet, pure-bred miniature schnauzer who loves laps.

We welcomed Max to the family less than 48 hours ago.

Max is a four-year-old miniature schnauzer. He is well behaved and a cuddler. He is also recently diagnosed as diabetic.

Max’s elderly owners, who have chronic health problems of their own, knew it would be best for someone else to care for him. They had Max well trained, and he lived with another schnauzer, so they did a good job of giving us a well-adjusted dog.

We had a sweet dachshund-terrier mix, angel dog Alex, who developed diabetes. We took care of him for five years before he could not get over pneumonia.  We know how to handle insulin shots, diet, behavior, etc. Our regular vet knew this too and knew how hard it was to lose Hope.

In my head I first felt it was too soon after losing Hope, but God doesn’t have to hit me over the head with a baseball bat. In my heart I knew it made sense.

As for Jake and Windy, the jury is still out. Max accidently stepped on Windy, and she growled and snapped. He was frightened, so Windy is continuing on her conquest of the world.

In spite of getting annoyed with him, Windy thinks Max is acceptable to share the couch.

Jake, on the other hand, is watchful and noncommittal. Max is genial and wants to get along with everyone.

Please be happy for us. And have a Happy New Year.

Max meets us in our veterinarian's office.

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Dogs Do Better With Their Christmas Gifts Than Their Humans

Windy doesn't know where to start on her Christmas presents.

Santa Paws left lots of loot for Jake and Windy.

Beds, blankets, treats and toys from those who love the furkids.

In addition to their gifts from their mom and dad, they received presents from relatives and friends. Many gifts were sent through the mail.

Numerous studies show Americans love their dogs and the vast majority buys gifts for them. Purveyors of pet products didn’t seem to hurt during the economic downturn.

Jake takes a break from chewing on a large dog.

As for the humans in the house, we were not as popular as the furkids, but that’s OK. We got to eat chocolate cake and chocolate candy.

Windy seems satisfied with a new bed.

So the Christmas was merry, and soon we will have more merriment with an important announcement. Please check back soon.

Waiting for Santa Paws.

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Merry Christmas From Dachshunds Jake and Windy

Jake enjoys a post-dinner nap in his new bed.

The furkids had a great day of toys and treats.

When the turkey cooled, Jake and Windy had some as well.

Santa Claus and Santa Paws were good to all.

Hope your Christmas was merry.

Next to the glow of the Christmas tree, Windy goes for the soft underbelly of a toy that is bigger than she is.

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Dogs Can Love Christmas Too

Every dog has a stocking. Above our fireplace hangs "Master Bedroom" by Andrew Wyeth. We love the mood and warmth the work shows.

Many studies indicate that the vast majority of dog owners buy their furkids presents. We are no exception.

Dogs do have their needs – food, medicine and love – and we have our “wants” for our dogs – toys, comfy beds and snacks. The pet industry knows this and is more than willing to accommodate everyone.

We put presents in our dogs’ Christmas stockings. We have a tradition of making a sock for each dog. When we lose a little one to the Rainbow Bridge (, we still hang that sock. Yes, it can be sad at times hanging socks for the angel dogs, but we try to focus on the good times.

Even though it has been almost three months since we lost Hope, our hearts are still heavy. Some times I still want to call her to dinner.

On another note, getting ready for the holidays can be fun for you and your dog. I have friends who send cards from their dogs (and cats), dress them like Santas or reindeer and bake dog biscuits.

I like to bake cookies for humans. Anyone know where I can get a dachshund cookie cutter?

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Dog Doctors Stay Glued To Their Patient

Jake watches his mom in bed.

Two fabulous doctors have been watching over me this week.

Well, Jake is the fully trained physician. Windy is an intern.

Jake is attuned to people’s moods and physical states. When one of us is ill or upset, Jake goes into action. After a while, Windy steps in too.

Now if I could get them to appreciate a clean house.

Windy snuggles down to keep an eye on her mom.

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Grandma’s House Goes To The Dogs

Jake and Windy had a nice Thanksgiving at their grandma’s house.

Today we hit Petsmart for Christmas presents. Unfortunately, the furkids were left at Grandma’s; however, they didn’t take carpet revenge.

Don’t tell them they will get new beds, toys and treats.


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Driving With Dogs

A rare occasion when Jake and Windy share a bed.

The family will be hitting the road for Thanksgiving. Jake and Windy are ready to travel.

The dog bedding is clean, treats and toys are packed and other necessities are ready.

The other necessities I mean are for any contingencies, such as Pepcid for a bad stomach, meat baby food for the bad stomach, baby wipes for the result of the bad stomach and hand sanitizer for me.

Generally Jake and Windy travel fine in a car. They are calm then eventually go to sleep. They get the back of the SUV. I know people say your dog should travel in a crate, but Jake had such a fit I stopped trying.

I’ve tried doggie seat belts, but each dog has been Houdini incarnate and escapes from them in 20 minutes.

The furkids wear collars with their ID and rabies proof tags.  The back seat is covered with a blanket, and then the dog beds are put in. Neither furkid has made trouble for us by crawling under a seat, jumping into the hatch, trying to leap up to the front seat, etc.

The only problem is drive-thru windows. They want everything on the menu board.

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Sleeping With Dogs

Angel dog Belle was the perfect little bed partner.

More people sleep with the dogs than they would care to admit.

We will admit it.

Jake and Windy do not rule our king-sized bed, and we let them know that.

Experts say having a dog in your bed can help you lower your blood pressure and increase the bond between human and dog. Veterinarians talk about germs and power struggles.

Jake and Windy get regular flea treatments and are not dirty dogs. If one is in a spot that doesn’t work for us, either my husband or I will pick up the furkid and move him or her.

The only problem is if one of them snuggles against one of us, and one of us rolls over, the dog will roll into the person. So you may wake up on the edge of the bed. If that is the case, the furkid gets moved.

If you would like to read more about sleeping with dogs, I recommend an article at Paw Nation

The other night Windy had to use the bathroom. She walked up the length of the bed and put her nose behind my head and whacked me with her paw. She scampered off the bed onto the ottoman and onto the floor. By that time I was wide-awake to get to the back door to let her out.

Angel dog Belle, a salt and pepper miniature schnauzer, found her role as a doctor. When she was young I was home sick one day. She was glued to me as I went from the bed to the couch and back. That night she was placed in her crate. She barked. My husband put her out to go potty. In her crate again, she barked. He put her out again. The next time she was in her crate and barked, my exasperated husband opened the crate door. She flew out the crate, took a running jump onto the bed, marched up to me, stuck her nose in my face, sniffed, turned around, snorted, then snuggled next to me. We got the message.

Jake snuggles next to his daddy, who was home sick.

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Watching TV With The Dogs

Jake, left, and Windy take a break from watching television.

Windy, Jake and I were watching Too Cute: Puppies on Animal Planet last night.

The show followed the births of litters of Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers and Shih Tzus. Cuteness abounded with the babies growing to the weaning stage. All of the labs were destined for guide dog school, the goldens went to homes, except for a showgirl-in-training, and the Shih Tzus went to new owners.

Windy was especially attentive to the sounds of the puppies. Each whimper she heard caused her to lift her head and stare at the television. I wondered if she remembered the litters she had while she was with her other owner.

So, search your TV listings for when Too Cute: Puppies will be re-broadcast. To inoculate yourself against the cuteness: Remember what an 8-week-old puppy does during your sleep cycle.

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Sleeping Dogs Don’t Need Encouragement

Windy will be trying out for the Olympic Sleeping Team.

Windy knows how to take it easy.

This little diva loves the bed. Our bed. Yes, we let the furkids sleep with us. They are polite, snuggly bed partners. But Windy could spend all day in bed.

When she has finished breakfast, she wants back in the bed. Whenever anyone walks into the bedroom she wants into the bed. If you head toward the bedroom door, she wants into the bed.

Granted, it is a nice, quilted pillow-top mattress, so Windy knows quality.

I admit if I am working in the bedroom, or going from bathroom to bedroom getting ready to leave the house, I will put her up on the bed. Windy will scamper and make herself comfortable.

We would have a problem with Windy’s behavior if she were territorial, but she never has been. In fact, she would prefer for someone to lie down with her. So, on a snowy weekend afternoon that will be a good idea.

No, Jake is not the model for this greeting card.

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