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Traveling With Furkids, Part Two

  If you are on the road, fixing a meal for your dog may be difficult. Unless your furkid likes dry food alone, you may have a problem. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, you may need to pack … Continue reading

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Gut Troubles

A Sunday evening trip to the emergency vet. Windy’s HGE returned, but we caught it early. Black poop, loud tummy sounds and frightening gas were the warning signs. The ER vet was impressed to see HGE in such an early … Continue reading

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Feeding Time

Dog food: dry or canned? Feed once or twice a day? Feed the dogs or the humans first? What do you do? This month Windy was diagnosed with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. (HGE) This is a sneaky illness that can take a … Continue reading

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