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Dog Vomit In Middle of Night

Sick children wake their parents up at night, and furkids are no exceptions. About 4 a.m. a few days ago I woke to a warm wetness on my back. Then I heard the gagging. I knew if I rolled one … Continue reading

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Tummy Troubles

The other day Windy had loud tummy sounds, nasty gas and didn’t want breakfast. Fearing another round of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, I called my veterinarian. She said to give her a Pepcid (famotidine). I have given dogs Pepcid before and had … Continue reading

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Feeding Time

Dog food: dry or canned? Feed once or twice a day? Feed the dogs or the humans first? What do you do? This month Windy was diagnosed with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. (HGE) This is a sneaky illness that can take a … Continue reading

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