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Dog Vomit In Middle of Night

Sick children wake their parents up at night, and furkids are no exceptions. About 4 a.m. a few days ago I woke to a warm wetness on my back. Then I heard the gagging. I knew if I rolled one … Continue reading

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Tummy Troubles

The other day Windy had loud tummy sounds, nasty gas and didn’t want breakfast. Fearing another round of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, I called my veterinarian. She said to give her a Pepcid (famotidine). I have given dogs Pepcid before and had … Continue reading

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Take Your Medicine

Windy, my mini dachshund, still needs several days’ worth of medication during her recovery from HGE. Many dog owners have to give pills throughout their furkids’ lives, and often it isn’t easy. Vets tell you to do the “stick the … Continue reading

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Gut Troubles

A Sunday evening trip to the emergency vet. Windy’s HGE returned, but we caught it early. Black poop, loud tummy sounds and frightening gas were the warning signs. The ER vet was impressed to see HGE in such an early … Continue reading

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